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Tactics to Reduce Cloud Waste at Your Business

Cloud computing’s perks – scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency – are dampened by 32% of spend wasted on unused services. Tackling this through audits, right-sizing, reserved instances, and automation can slash costs, boost efficiency, and curtail unnecessary spend. Contact us for expert help in optimizing your cloud usage.

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2023 Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviors Report

In an online-centric world, almost 90% of data breaches stem from human error. The latest report underlines the widespread digital presence and security challenges, noting that while most find cybersecurity crucial, many feel overwhelmed. Training and best practices, like using unique passwords and multi-factor authentication, are urged to combat cybercrimes, which have affected over a quarter of respondents.

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Be Careful When Scanning QR Codes

QR codes, handy for quick access to content, have a dark side with scammers using them for phishing. Fake codes may steal data, install malware, or trick you into payments. Stay vigilant: verify sources, inspect URLs before clicking, and keep devices updated. Contact us for anti-phishing solutions.

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Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

As 2024 unfolds, staying ahead in cybersecurity means prepping for AI’s dual role, looming quantum threats, rising hacktivism, persistent ransomware, and influential cyber insurance. It’s crucial to adopt a proactive, comprehensive cybersecurity strategy with regular assessments to navigate these challenges.

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