2023 Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviors Report

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In an online-centric world, almost 90% of data breaches stem from human error. The latest report underlines the widespread digital presence and security challenges, noting that while most find cybersecurity crucial, many feel overwhelmed. Training and best practices, like using unique passwords and multi-factor authentication, are urged to combat cybercrimes, which have affected over a quarter of respondents.

Be Careful When Scanning QR Codes

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QR codes, handy for quick access to content, have a dark side with scammers using them for phishing. Fake codes may steal data, install malware, or trick you into payments. Stay vigilant: verify sources, inspect URLs before clicking, and keep devices updated. Contact us for anti-phishing solutions.

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

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As 2024 unfolds, staying ahead in cybersecurity means prepping for AI’s dual role, looming quantum threats, rising hacktivism, persistent ransomware, and influential cyber insurance. It’s crucial to adopt a proactive, comprehensive cybersecurity strategy with regular assessments to navigate these challenges.

These 7 AI Trends Are Sweeping the Cybersecurity Realm

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Relentless digital innovation has defined the last few years. The symbiotic relationship between AI and cybersecurity has become pivotal especially when it comes to safeguarding sensitive information and digital assets. As cyber threats evolve in complexity, AI has emerged as a formidable ally. It empowers organizations with advanced tools and techniques. Helping them to stay […]

Online Security: The Dangers of Browser Extensions

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Browser extensions have become as common as mobile apps. People tend to download many and use few. There are over 176,000 browser extensions available on Google Chrome alone. These extensions offer users extra functionalities and customization options. While browser extensions enhance the browsing experience, they also pose a danger which can mean significant risks to […]

Examples of How a Data Breach Can Cost Your Business for Years

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In the digital age, data is the lifeblood of businesses. It fuels operations, decision-making, and customer interactions. But there is a dark underbelly of this data-centric landscape. It’s the persistent threat of data breaches. The repercussions of a data breach extend far beyond the immediate aftermath. They often haunt businesses for years. Only 51% of […]

Are Your Smart Home Devices Spying On You?

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The integration of smart home devices has become synonymous with modern living. They offer convenience, efficiency, and connectivity at our fingertips. But a recent study has raised concerns about the darker side of these smart gadgets. It suggests that our beloved smart home devices may be spying on us. It’s natural these days to invite […]